Domain Transaction Methods

1. Transaction through SharkNames

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2. Transaction through Escrow Service

Escrow is an account or service hold by an independent, trusted third party in a transaction process on behalf of transacting parties. You can use escrow for domain names, website development, custom programming, or any other intellectual property matter.

In a domain name escrow, an independent, trusted company acts as a third-party agent in the selling-buying process. The escrow agent connects the buyer to the seller, and ensures that both parties receive exactly what was agreed to before the purchase. In other words, the buyer will only receive the domain name once the seller has paid the escrow. And the seller will only receive the compensation for the domain name once it has been transferred to the buyer.

The third party escrow agent will not only collect and disburse funds, but will also verify domain name ownership prior to the transaction, collect documents or other important materials from the seller, and execute the agreement based on contractual prerequisites.

We recommend using Escrow.Com to complete the transaction,but you can also choose other method for your convenience,and you can get more information at this page - "Escrow Service&Fee Standards"


The Process of Domain Name Escrow

In general, the process of domain name escrow involves collecting the money, pushing the seller to transfer the domain name to the buyer and disbursing the money to the seller. However, there are also companies which hold both the money and the domain into a holding account to prevent the seller receive the fund without domain name transfer. The following is the general process of a transaction using the domain name escrow.
1.Agreement between Buyer and Seller
After registering with an escrow company, both parties should agree to the terms of transaction which basically involves price, domain name, method and date of payment.
2.Payment to Escrow Company
The buyer transfers the money to the escrow company using approved payment method. Once the payment is confirmed, the company will notify the seller to transfer the domain name. In some cases, the seller has already transferred the domain name to the escrow company.
3.Domain Name Transition

The escrow company will prompt the seller to work with the buyer and registrar to change the domain name ownership. Different procedures apply to different registrars.
4.Confirmation of Domain Name Ownership by Buyer

Once the buyer confirms the domain name ownership, the escrow company will inspect whether WHOIS information reflects the buyer’s profile.
5.Disbursement of the Money to the Seller
After the escrow company inspects, checks and verifies that the domain name has changed ownership, the seller receives the money and the transaction is complete.